What we do

Good Shepherd Mission

Empowering lives, restoring rights, upholding dignity

The Good Shepherd Mission of empowering lives, restoring rights, upholding dignity  embraces people who have experienced injustice, oppression and alienation, especially women and children; awakening in each person, a sense of uniqueness, worth and inestimable value. In Singapore and Malaysia, the Good Shepherd Mission encompasses social, educational and pastoral services.

Our social and pastoral services include residential facilities and programmes for survivors of domestic violence and exploitation, single mothers, children experiencing challenges in their families as well as from disadvantaged households, persons who are trafficked, migrants, refugees, the development of rural communities and youth at risk. We also reach out to people in need of healing, persons with HIV/AIDS and children from low-income families and indigenous groups. Our educational services include daycares, preschools and a primary school.

The Good Shepherd services collaborate and network with government and non-government organizations to promote good practices, justice, peace, unity and the empowerment of persons in the world disturbed by conflict and injustice, by changing systems and structures which condemn some to live marginal lives.

The Good Shepherd Congregation is an NGO in Special Consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) in the United Nations.