Sister Gerard Fernandez, one of 100 inspiring & influential women around the world 2019

This year 2019,  BBC has listed one hundred women around the world based on their inspiring and influential stories the past 12 months. They could have impacted their societies but might not have made it to any headline news.

They were assessed against the year’s theme – the Female Future and chosen to represent regionally and with fairness.

Sister Gerard is a Good Shepherd Sister serving in Singapore. She had ministered at Changi Prison, as a death row spiritual counsellor for more than thirty years.

So far,  she has “accompanied” 18 inmates before their deaths, describing her calling as helping “people who are broken”.

Quoting her “A female future, like any other, would be one filled with kindness, dignity and equality; a world without discrimination or hate, one that’s driven by compassion.”Related: signed and numbered art prints for sale, upper west side nyc 1980s restaurants, florida contract law statutes, john ryan obituary brighton mi, is hardeman county schools closed tomorrow, kwik trip open interviews 2020, republic airways covid policy, daphne, alabama obituaries, can i drink chamomile tea before colonoscopy, jen schro catching gear size chart, george carlin government doesn’t care about you, mandarin helensburgh menu, back house for rent la puente, terry donahue baseball card signed, train jokes dirty,Related: sonesta walk, que dice la biblia de perdonar a tu pareja, palmetto, fl future development, uber trujillo net worth, ashley mcarthur husband, pat metheny group, restaurants near 57th street and 6th ave, mobile homes for rent in dunnellon, fl, rescue kanzin door won’t open, what is the 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