Life of Sister Aguchita

Sister Maria Agustina Rivas fondly known as Sister Aguchita beatified on 7 May 2022

Pope Francis authorized the Congregation for the Causes of Saints to promulgate the decree on the martyrdom of Antonia Luzmila Rivas in hatred of the faith (in odium fidei). Aguchita was beatified! “Aguchita”, our sister in the Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd, was murdered at the age of 70 by the Shining Path in La Florida, Peru, on September 27, 1990.

On May 7th 2022 “AGUCHITA” was beatified in La Florida, Chanchamayo, Peru. An event that marks the history of our Congregation in the present century. A life that transcended the frontiers for her testimony of fidelity to the Gospel in a context of internal armed conflict that the country was living. But who is Agustina Rivas Lopez – Aguchita and what is the meaning of her martyrdom in these times? What is the meaning of having murdered a 70-year-old woman dedicated to teaching baking, laundry and cooking? What is the importance of remembering the martyrdom of a woman who helped poor people and had almost gone unnoticed, hidden in the routine of everyday life?

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Life of Good Shepherd Sister Aguchita

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