By Martha Teo

Morene Sim is no stranger to Good Shepherd Mission, having served since the 1980’s. Read more on:

In her reflection on her long journey from a volunteer to Chairperson of Restful Waters  Management Committee (RWMC)  and Mission Link Committee (MLC), Morene concluded that over the next couple of years, the focus of the Good Shepherd Province of Singapore-Malaysia and MLC is on leadership development and governance to support the mission’s sustainability.

Over lunch of cod and chips at a café operated by a social enterprise, I endeavoured to discover the woman behind the ever-ready warm smile.  I dispensed with my prepared interview as we launched into a friendly conversation sprinkled with personal stories amid peals of laughter.

Morene candidly revealed that while at university she and her best friend decided to cut class one day to indulge in ice cream. Yum. In their 40’s the duo made a dash up the down escalator in The Centrepoint (shopping mall) late one night. What else has Morene been up to when she is not heading RWMC and MLC?

As our conversation shifted to a more serious subject, leadership, it was not surprising to discover that Morene embraces change and pushes some boundaries as a leader.  For example she boldly introduced changes that made Restful Waters financially self-sufficient to carry out its mission works. She believes that leaders must have the courage to change, and influence others to change. For this to happen the right people must be appointed and developed. Morene is proud of the impact made by Mission Enrichment Journey (MEJ) that are regularly conducted in the Province. Indeed, it is such a huge success MEJ Part 2 has been rolled out.

While waiting for our coffee, a lovely young lady, Delia (not her real name) walked into the café. It turned out that Morene had been thinking of meeting up with Delia, and she gushed that God had arranged this appointment for them. That simple statement convinced me that behind the affable smile, Morene is a God-fearing woman, able and willing to move out of her comfort zone for the service and benefit of others.

I am intrigued by how Morene and a group of volunteers helped  communities in Vietnam and Indonesia in water sustenance projects, and her readiness to connect others who are interested in similar community outreach. Indeed a social leader, ready for the adaptive works ahead.

We wish Morene joy as she leads and toils in obedience and faith.