World Day Against Human Trafficking – Singapore

Human Trafficking - a Global Concern Human trafficking has always been a pressing public concern which transcends all races, social classes, demographics and gender. No population is exempted from such ever-present threats.  Human traffickers are motivated by greed, they do not respect human rights, and preying on the vulnerable, thus damaging the psychological, emotional and […]

Season of Creation at Marymount Convent School

Pope Francis' Message In line with Pope’s messaging on caring for our common home (Laudato Si), Marymount Convent School celebrated the season of creation with a sharing and some hands-on activities to bring to awareness in pupils the important role they play in caring for creation, our common home. Introduction There was an introduction to […]

Learning Journey on Climate Change

On 4 November 2022, Restful Waters welcome 41 students from Marymount Convent School to participate in a program: "Learning Journey on Climate Change" They were accompanied b two teachers, Ms. Evelyn chia and Ms. Elaine Han.  “The Restful Waters Learning Journey was indeed a very fun experience for me. I learnt some interesting things from […]