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World Water Day 2020

March 22, 2020

As far back as in the 60s, when Singapore became an independent nation, the slogan in all public places, in schools and private homes, has been “EVERY DROP COUNTS’. Singapore has been and is depending on her neighbouring countries for fresh water. Of recent years, she has initiated water recycling plants to supplement the supply. Yet it is still an issue and she cannot afford to let her guard down, knowing that water is important in area of existence.

It is heartening that Ahuva Good Shepherd : Small Group Care that serves children in a residential setting introduced the children to World Water Day on 22 March 2020. Here’s what Sister Fiona has done to mark the DAY with the children in her care.


Ahuva Good Shepherd- Small Group Care, Singapore


Our newest resident was so worried when I introduced to all our children about the World Water Day.

She exclaimed, “If the world has water all over, it means Tsunami. We are all going to die!” I chuckled and assured her that it was not about the end times.

I played a video ( https://youtu.be/hPepFUQ65Uk ) that illustrated the unequal access to clean water between peoples in developed and under developed country. Our children were indignant and insisted we should bring the little girl in the video to Singapore so that she can have clean water to drink instead of the cloudy water!



Our children discussed ways to save water and wrote a pledge on concrete steps they would take. One shared that she would use a cup to brush her teeth instead of running water. She also added that she wants to save water by showering quickly. Another child pledged that she would not leave the tap running. Yet another wrote that she would recycle water by collecting rain water to water plants. One of our residents will use water that has been used to wash rice to water plants while her peer committed to save water by not playing with water. Interestingly, one child wrote that she loves water and will take all the water, instead of saving water. When probed, she meant that she appreciated clean running water when she turned on the tap, unlike the poor little girl in the video who had no clean water.



Finally we showed our residents an inspiring video (https://youtu.be/mrckuYwFGdA ) that encourages all to use a mug to brush our teeth instead of letting the tap run. The video emphasized that the water they wasted by using the tap instead of a mug would be more water than they consume a day! That night before bed time, they were all encouraged to use only one mug of water to brush their teeth. It was a first experience for all of them, when staff made them imagine that our tap has spoilt and all they had was that mug of water to brush teeth. Some found it fun while others habitually turned on the tap and were not used to the mug. Still, there were others who had such a hard time with one mug, they begged for another mug of water. Our children were trying so hard, we just couldn’t say no to them. Well done children, for trying their best to save water.







Even our children are trying hard to make changes to their daily habits for the sake of  the earth. What about you, dear reader, what changes and concrete steps would you take to save the earth?

Contributed by:

Sister Fiona Yeo, Senior Social Service Assistant, Ahuva Good Shepherd : Small Group Care


March 22, 2020
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