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World Environment Day 2021

June 5, 2021 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

World Environment Day fell on the 5th of June this year and the young residents of Ahuva Good Shepherd – Small Group Care had an albeit small, but informative session on the benefits of vegetarianism and the impact meat-eating has on the environment and world.

The residents were appalled to discover about the truth behind the meat industry and the horrific ways animals are reared and slaughtered, as well as the ripple effect the rearing of animals has on the atmosphere. For instance, the production of greenhouse gases by the meat industry alone makes up 15% of greenhouse gas production worldwide, and the addition of methane emitted by cows adds on to the depletion of the ozone layer.

Furthermore, the demand for meat requires lots of space for rearing and pasturing – therefore, a decrease in meat consumption would allow for more natural free space on the planet and lesser congestion as a result of de-forestation. Farms also require a lot of water to maintain and many crops are grown specifically for feeding animals, which take up more space on the earth.

Residents made small reflection sheets on why going green internally is also beneficial for one’s overall health – with a decrease in health issues such as inflammation and lesser chances of developing chronic conditions such as cancer and diabetes. They also engaged in meaningful discussions on how food can actually be enjoyed without the constant need to have a meat accompaniment. During the discussion, one resident asked how her adapting to a vegetarian diet even once a week could possibly have a positive impact on all these consequences. To which another answered that one person can affect a lot of changes, and that if only one person in Singapore went vegetarian once a week, it would definitely have a large impact on the overall output of harmful gases and water wastage caused by meat production.

Benefits of being a vegetarian versus the harmful effects of over consumption of meat

Good effects of being a vegetarian and the harmful effects of excessive meat eating


They got a chance to try vegetarian burgers generously sponsored by The Social Kitchen. They were apprehensive at first as they have never tasted a vegetarian burger before but were pleasantly surprised at how delicious the burgers were – sans meat. One resident even suggested that more veggies could have been added to the burger to make it more wholesome and they encouraged each other to resist adding cheese to it so as to have it as vegan as possible!






Residents were also intrigued by the disadvantages and adverse effects of veganism and vegetarianism – they discussed how farmers and people who depend on meat rearing could possibly be stripped off their livelihoods as not all of them can turn to farming crops and vegetables. One resident highlighted that some of these farmers have been in the business for centuries, with the trade being passed down from generation to generation, and could be left stranded with no income.

They also decided that eggs and certain forms of dairy such as cheese are still necessities as they go well with certain foods and are needed for baking. They resolved to try to include more fruits and vegetables in their diets and reduce the frequency of meat consumption.

It was an educational and fruitful session as the residents fully comprehend the impact of their carbon footprints and how their choices of diet can affect the entire world environment. They concluded that they should practise and exhibit kindness to the environment, animals and to themselves in making better choices while eating.

Contributed by:

C Aishwarya

Social Service Assistant

Ahuva Good Shepherd – Small Group Care



June 5, 2021
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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