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World Day Against Human Trafficking 2020

July 30, 2020

On the 24th of July 2020, the residents at Ahuva Good Shepherd –  Small Group Care (SGC) commemorated in advance  World Day Against Human Trafficking. Ms Nora conducted a workshop to bring awareness to the residential children of the dangers of human trafficking and the plight of human trafficking victims. The workshop also help the residents to identify real-life circumstances which they may experience putting them at risk of being victims of human trafficking, and to learn ways to protect themselves in such circumstances.

Ms Nora highlighted to the residents that human trafficking is a heinous crime that not only happens in Singapore, and that everyone of different ages may succumb to such exploitation.

Other than presenting slides to educate  the residents on human trafficking with real life examples, she also showed them a cartoon video on ‘creative’ ways human traffickers may try to entice young children to be kidnapped. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SY7RhBszp0k&feature=youtu.be)

Before the video presentation, one of the residents asked how human traffickers may kidnap children. After the video, Ms Nora further explained other possible and relevant real-life circumstances in which the residents may be exposed to the risk on a daily basis, such as when they are using the internet.

From the constant engagement and active participation from the residents throughout the workshop, they, themselves  were able to provide ideas on how to protect themselves or others from other possible circumstances that may put them at risk of being exploited. Furthermore, the residents shared with Ms Nora their ability to identify their own safe and trusted adults whom they could go to in times of need for advice and protection.

The residents also showed empathy for the real-life stories of victims of human trafficking. When Ms Nora was sharing about child soldiers in third world countries, one of the residents expressed her sympathy for the children and felt that the child soldiers were too young to be exposed to such a calamity of warfare, and that the children should be protected from such a depraved circumstance instead.

It is with the awareness of worldwide human trafficking that Ms Nora hopes will help residents to be more knowledgeable of current affairs and to possess  the capability of being alert to such unfavourable circumstances that they may be exposed to now and in the future. Therefore, to be equipped and be informed with the relevant knowledge to overcome it. Lastly, Ms Nora hopes it helps the residents to develop empathy towards other individuals who are also in need.

Written by: Ms Nora Pang

Social Service Assistant

Ahuva Good Shepherd – Small Group Care

Marymount Centre, Singapore


July 30, 2020
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