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THE LETTER #LaudatoSiFilm

October 9, 2022 @ 8:00 am - November 19, 2022 @ 5:00 pm


Click to view: https://youtu.be/Rps9bs85BII



The much-anticipated film ‘The Letter’ premiered on 4th October 2022.  Three days later, The Letter was seen by more than one million people worldwide.  And we are Restful Waters are happy to be a part of that one million people.

First Screening

On Friday, 7th October 2022, Restful Waters held our first of two planned screenings of the film for friends and mission partners.  The evening started with a simple dinner to get to know one another. For some, it was their first time at Restful Waters.  From our conversation, we were very happy to find out that Ron was a former student of Good Shepherd Kindergarten at Kampong Java in the late 1940s.  He studied with Good Shepherd till he was in primary one.  So nice that he is now making a connection with us again through this film screening event.

Ecological Conversion Opportunity

We took the opportunity to introduce briefly on Laudato Si and invited all present to be a part our our Laudato Si Circle or to join in our activities to bring about ecological conversion.

Our first time screening a movie at the Convent and because of the impactful message of the film, we were confident it would be well received.  The purpose of the screening was not to only watch the film but to come together to understand the deeper meaning and impact of climate change.  To touch hearts and spur individuals to answer the call for action.  There is a need for us to have an ecological conversion of heart and mind.  The 90 minutes passed very quickly, we were awakened to a new consciousness, and we encourage all to watch the film.   At the end of the screening, we were all in agreement that watching it as a group was more impactful than to watch it alone.  We took time to share with one another our thoughts.  I thank Helen Choo, Sr Lucy Chia and Anna for putting their thoughts in writing so beautifully.  What they shared captured the feelings of those present.


Sharing by Helen Choo

“Laudato Si’ shows that Pope Francis is passionately advocating the right action to protect Mother Earth.  Pope Francis has his ears to the ground; he knows of the individuals who are suffering from the impact of climate change.  Lone individuals advocating for action to stem or reverse the disastrous impact of climate change, he knows them all.

The Pope organised a different kind of seminar.  He invited several individuals from different lands, different backgrounds to meet, share, pray together in Rome and in Assisi.  They represented the poor, the youth, the indigenous people and wildlife.  They became brothers and sisters in a united front forging a strong bond.

What was most poignant in the video was when the young man from Senegal received news of the devasting floods that displaced many of his friends at home.  Just as he is comfortably in a seminar in Assisi, as he is talking in the comfort of Assisi, his friends who leave Senegal in despair and cross the oceans – are drowned.

Likewise, as we in Singapore sitting comfortably and sharing or even praying, many across the world are dying from the impact of climate change.

It is easy to talk and pray.  It does not help the many who are dying this moment.

What can we do?

The Pope says the greatest danger is that we become immune to this daily tragedy.  When will we stop talking and start doing something personally?  Action speaks louder than words.”


Sharing by Sr Lucy Chia

“We are heirs of God’s creation.  We hear the Word of God and we become the keeper of the Word in our heart, mind and soul.  Most importantly, we must take action.  Our every action count, knowingly or unknowingly.

Just as St Francis of Assisi saw God reflected in nature – he gives thanks and praise to God for Brother Sun, Sister Moon, Brother Wind, Water, Fire, and Earth.  Both, Pope John Paul II and Pope Francis have followed in the footsteps of St Francis, to love and care for creation.  We must take responsibility for all of Creation, taking care of it and making sure everything stays healthy and integrated.  Let us all take action today.  Each small step goes a long way.”



Sharing by Anna

Report by: Melina Ong

Good Shepherd Convent Restful Waters

9 October 2022


On 19 November 2022 Ms Jane Marie Ng  together with other volunteers and their families had gathered to watch the film, The Letter, the fourth screening at Restful Waters.



Ms Jane Marie’s Reflection:

I watched “The Letter” for the first time on 19 November 2022.  It was a very different experience than reading the encyclical, which I have to admit was heavy going and took me a while to get through.  The video gave context to the issues raised in the encyclical and made it come alive for me.

I was touched when the Pope apologized for speaking in Spanish because he was speaking from his heart.  I was moved by Arouna grieving for his people suffering from the effects of climate change.  I was awed by the beauty of God’s creation as captured in the video, the Earth and all the creatures in it.  I grieved at the devastation to forest and wildlife in the pursuit of commerce and development.  I see hope in the young who care enough to fight to protect the home that they would grow up to live in.

Perhaps it was a good thing that we did not have a sharing session immediately after watching “The Letter” because my thoughts and emotions needed time to percolate.

The delicious lunch and warm fellowship that followed was for me tasting and seeing the goodness of God, his love and providence.

These words of St. Paul’s letter to the Colossians later that day (it was the Solemnity of Christ the King), resonated with me:

“He is the image of the unseen God and first-born of all creation, for in him were created all things in heaven and on earth: everything visible and everything invisible … all things were created through him and for him” – Col 1:15-16

What is Laudato Si’ calling forth in me?  What am I being called to be and do if Christ is to be my King?

I like to make lists, so here are a few things that I can start with:

  • Be more like Christ, loving and forgiving. If I have nothing good to say, keep quiet, unless I must speak up for the vulnerable.

  • Treat all persons with dignity and respect because they are God’s creation and made in his image. I often forget that when it is someone I don’t like.

  • Be a responsible consumer. Buy and use only what I need, don’t hoard or waste, because everything visible and invisible was created through Jesus and for Jesus.

  • Listen with my heart and respond when God calls. I must trust that if God wants me for something, I am worthy and He will provide what is needed.

  • Be conscious of how I can care for and protect God’s creation and keep adding to this list.

To God be all glory and praise!

To Lucy and Melina for enriching me with this experience, may God bless you abundantly!

With love and gratitude,

Jane Marie Ng


19 November 2022


October 9, 2022 @ 8:00 am
November 19, 2022 @ 5:00 pm
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