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Partnership Gathering: June 14 – 16, 2023

June 14, 2023 @ 8:00 am - June 16, 2023 @ 5:00 pm

Participants of the Gathering share their inspiring Experiences & Reflections:


Reflection by Sr. Jean Marie Fernandez, RGS

Sr Jean Marie giving a presentation on the Universal Culture of Justice

Enhancing Partnerships Through a Synodal Journey

I attended the GS Partnership gathering held in Johore, which was truly a remarkable experience. It was refreshing to finally come together in person after what seemed like an eternity of virtual meetings and digital interactions. The atmosphere was filled with camaraderie, a sense of unity, and an overwhelming feeling of joy.
The warmth of laughter, smiles and conversations filled the room, serving as a testament to the deep connections that had been forged over the years. The pandemic which had kept us apart had now given us an opportunity to experience synodality in the life and mission of the church.
Our facilitator Nick Jarvis engaged us in various ice-breaker activities. It was a way to get to know one another on a personal level and to create an environment of openness and vulnerability. It was incredible to witness how such simple exercises could foster deeper connections and build a strong foundation for collaboration.
We had presentations on the various ministries and pastoral services, which reminded us of the incredible work of GS Mission, focused on our Province Direction Statement.
The presentations on the culture of justice by Jean Marie Fernandez and the enhancement of leadership by Sr. Helena Vitalingam & Willa Mowe were enlightening and thought-provoking. Jean Marie’s insights shed light on deepening the universal culture of justice within our organization, emphasizing the need for right speech, right action, and right livelihood to create a fair and equitable environment for all. Helena’s presentation on enhancing GS leadership with a focus on St. M. Euphrasia and KPI (key performance indicator) offered valuable strategies and tools to empower us in our respective roles.
In addition to the enriching sessions and presentations, the organizing committee also provided opportunities for relaxation and community building. One of the highlights was a community outing to a farm visit at Desaru. The combination of the farm visit, breaking bread together and shopping excursion at the KSL hotel mall strengthened our relationships, creating cherished memories and a stronger sense of camaraderie.
As I reflect on this gathering, I am grateful for celebrating with one another a shared commitment in this synodal journey. It was a transformative experience of communion, participation, and mission, co-creating with God and the whole universe.

(Pic on L)Dinner fellowship with Singapore  Pre-schools team                 

(Pic on R)Sr Jean Marie & Mrs Sumathy writing their name tags at the Welcome table









Reflection by Sr Fiona Yeo, RGS

It was my first Good Shepherd Mission Partnership Gathering. I had known and heard about the various ministries across the province but it was always wonderful to put a face to the works as well as hear latest updates and stories. The sessions were well spaced with ample free time (we end early each day and even had an outing), so we had time to for fellowship and getting to know the new faces.




Reflection: Marymount & Good Shepherd Preschools



As a leader, we are indeed the spoken word, the written word and the living word. Hence, we need to set a good example for others to follow. Through the sharing of KPIs, it has provided a structure to help me reflect upon my role as a leader. -Christina



It was an eye opener to learn more about the Good Shepherd mission which inspired me to continue doing what I am doing and even more. – Emily

The session on “Enhancing Partnerships Through a Synodal Journey” was a transformative experience that deepened my understanding of collaborative decision-making and relationship-building. -Joyce

It was a meaningful partnership with other ministries as I got to interact with people from other ministries and I had a better understanding of their works. – Odette 

Overall, the experience was relaxing, fun, engaging, & nourishing. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be part of the conference and this mission that continuously strive to model & inculcate the culture of justice & love. – Liza

Reflection by Ruby Gan, Social worker of Good Shepherd Centre

Participants of Marymount Centre


I am honoured to be invited and be part of this year’s Good Shepherd Mission Partnership Gathering. It was  synodal journey filled with inspiration, relationship building and Good Shepherd’s own charism of reconciliation. We were all invited to support and deepen our unity in living out our core values of compassion, gratitude, respect, zeal and integrity.


(Pic on L) Ministry review – sharing of past 4 years in relation to Province Direction Statement


(Pic on R) Sr Helena’s sharing on enhancing Good Shepherd Leadership with the focus on St Mary Euphrasia     


Throughout these three days, I am truly informed, involved, interested and inspired. These are Mother Foundress’s KPIs which kept the legacy going. As Good Shepherd sisters and lay partners, we shared and exchanged ideas of how each ministries lived up to the Province Direction Statement. Despite the different culture and language spoken, it is the shared commitment and spirit that binds us together. 

Marymount Centre’s 3-year plan (2024-2026) is aligned to the Spirituality of Governance. We seek to govern an effective client-centric service for our children and women with integrity, justice and transparency. By being an Environmentally and Socially responsible organization, in honouring the relationship and partnership with the environment, self and others. And strengthening our relational infrastructure with a learning culture that enhances Good Shepherd leadership and continuity.

“Through fidelity to our Good Shepherd way of life we have a profound influence on one another.”   O. L. of Charity of the Good Shepherd Constitutions Art. # 55 3rd para.



Reflection by Brittocia Franklin, Global Shepherds Bhd


It was not till I attended the recent gathering in Johor, did I truly understand the magnitude of this annual sacred space that brings mission-partners (both lay and religious) together to share and harvest collective wisdom.

 From the very first day till the last, there was constant sharing, learning and understanding of common thread of values and goals through the presentation of the work of the different ministries in relation to the Direction Statements, Sr Jean Marie’s sharing of 3 social justice mantras – right speech, right action and right livelihoods, a unique and different way of looking at St Mary Euphrasia’s leadership through the lens of Sr Helen in the form 4 KPIs and not forgetting the friendships and a sense of oneness that was strongly felt.

Perhaps, the most significant take away for me was an understanding and shift to recognise the power of reconciliation in achieving social justice.


Reflection by Grace Wee, Villamaria GS Kindergarten


It was my first Good Shepherd Mission Partnership Gathering and finally got to put faces to the names and works as well as hearing how each ministry has been living up to the Province Direction Statement. The commitment and spirit of each participant made me felt truly grateful for the opportunity to be part of Good Shepherd Mission that perpetually inculcate the culture of love and justice. Through the various opportunity to get acquainted with the participants had me deepen and have a better understanding of the works in the Good Shepherd Ministries.

As I ruminate on the 3-days gathering, I am thankful that I got the opportunity to connect and celebrate with one another in this synodal journey. 



Reflection by Leanne Hong, Good Shepherd Services


The sessions provided me with greater insights on how different Ministries function – journeying together from our respective Ministries no matter where we are situated, and the different approaches and activities put in place towards a common mission.

 It was inspiring and heartwarming to learn of the love we have touched in others and that we are also seeking to work with more intentional efforts towards integral ecology by cultivating ‘eco-spirituality’ and a sustainable lifestyle individually.

One of the sessions has also enlightened me with a totally different definition of KPI. Instead of ‘Key Performance Indicators’- I am constantly reminded of St. Mary Euphrasia’s KPI which is Keep People Informed, Keep People Involved, Keep People Interested and Keep People Inspired! The true qualities of a leader, indeed. Looking forward to next year 🙂


June 14, 2023 @ 8:00 am
June 16, 2023 @ 5:00 pm
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