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International Day of The Girl Child 2020

December 11, 2020

Marymount Convent School

(Primary School)


Indeed, it was a meaningful time for all at Marymount Convent School on the week of 16 Nov 2020.

Teachers conducted a sharing for all primary school pupils to bring awareness to all on the International Day of the Girl Child; defining the Girl Child. The sharing brought a deeper understanding on who the Girl Child is and how, in the school’s context, could all contribute to caring for the Girl Child.

The sharing also brought to an awareness of the plight of the Girl Child around the world and provided a platform for our staff, teachers and pupils to reflect on the value of gratitude and how blessed we are here and how we could share our blessings with others.

Following the sharing , the girls were led in an activity to get them to reflect and voice their thoughts in writing. There were different activities for the lower primary, middle primary and upper primary pupils.

The tasks were as follows:

Primary 1 and Primary 2 Girls draw and write their hopes for the Girl Child in another place / country, who is not as blessed as they are.

Primary 3 and Primary 4 Girls draw or write about how blessed they are to be a Girl Child living in Singapore.

Primary 4 Pupil: Faayizah

I am really blessed, as I got proper care, nutritious food and proper medical care.

I’d loved to help them out. (e.g. donating our old but in good condition clothes).

We can open a free kindergarten, schools for the poor and

books be given free to needy children.

May God bless the poor, the disabled and the needy abundantly.

Primary 5 and Primary 6

Girls draw or write  based on ‘Our Mission: Empowering Lives, Restoring Rights and Upholding Dignity’ and show how how this mission relates to the International Day of the Girl Child.  They were to keep in mind the focus of the International Day of the Girl Child and how it resonates with them.

Primary 5 Pupil: Hazel Callista

‘As many of you know that girls are treated unfairly everyday, and if you do not know, they do.

Take the movie, ‘Mulan’ for example, in the movie, 0only men are allowed to go to war, while girls stay home, cooking and doing housework.

Our mission give us young ladies the right to speak and let our voices heard.

Women are maltreated everyday and the world is doing nothing about it.

We are judged by our gender. In some countries girls are not even able to have the gift  of Education.

With this small opportunity, we can make a difference. We deserve the rights to be treated equally.

Together, we can change the world.’ 

Primary 6 pupil: Kristine Singh

‘What struck me was that girls don’t have as much justice as I thought they had. Although a lot or men or people respect girls. There are still a handful or even half of the population don’t even respect us. So this sharing has got me thinking. Have I actually showed respect to my peers? I don’t think so. Thus, how I should fix is that I should uphold more dignity to my own gender. Hence, I should uphold more dignity.

It disturbs me how girls are treated in different countries due to their gender. Girls are not given proper education, food, rights and a voice to share their problems. I am happy that there ais a mssion to help these girls, give them new beginning in their life, to give them joy and happiness that they couldn’t get before.

I am fortunate to be born in Singapore as I am given equal rights as boys. I hope one day all these girls get justice and get back their voice. I hope this (inequality) would all stop as everyone has rights despite their race, gender and colour.’

It was indeed truly enlightening to read the responses of the girls. Some parents also gave feedback that it was a meaningful task and that we should include such activities more often. This is encouraging and a small step we took to reach greater heights.

School Motto: God is our Light

After the activities, a few Primary 6 girls shared with me on their thoughts. Their sharing and reflections were very inspiring. They resonated with Girl Child and  is  deeply rooted in their hearts.

As they leave Marymount Convent School for  their  Secondary education, these girls are all geared to bring God’s light to all and share their blessings with all whom they will meet. Some teachers commended the relevance and meaningfulness 0f such a sharing and activities which instill in all compassion, love, gratitude, thankfulness and service.

Truly, many lovely feedback were gathered from some lovely pictures of our girls’ work. We can see the thought process in their work.

Ms Geraldine Robert


Marymount Convent School




December 11, 2020
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