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Ground Breaking Ceremony

June 10, 2012 @ 8:00 am - June 11, 2012 @ 5:00 pm

The first step to a new beginning for us, Good Shepherd Sisters in Singapore, began at the ground breaking ceremony on the feast of St. Mary Euphrasia Pelletier, 24th April 2012.

An event that must reverberate throughout the coming years of our history. It is a real and rude awakening that we must leave and let go of our dear Marymount, the land of our pioneers, for other and perhaps greener pastures.
A banner with our motto, “One person is of more value than the world” greeted the visitors. For in this place many will come to know and experience the healing touch of the Shepherd of Love.

Sr. Cecilia Liew welcomed the guests among whom were the Sisters and Lay Partners, staff, architects, engineers and building consultants.

Bryan Ghana, Director of Projects and the hard working committee who made this event possible after months of negotiating with the variousGovernment departments, showed how proud they were of this first major step in our journey to Good Shepherd Place @ Lorong 8 Toa Payoh.

The Parish Priest of the Risen Christ Church, Rev. Fr. John Sim graced the occasion and blessed the ground.
We began the ceremony singing the Shepherd Psalm…The Lord is My Shepherd, there is nothing I shall want. How appropriate!! Together we lifted our voices in prayer:

“Lord, we turn to you at the beginning of this project to build our new abode. For in vain do we labour without your guiding presence in our lives. Open our hearts to your goodness as we bring to your our hopes and dreams for our future, trusting in your merciful love. We make this prayer through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.”
Sr. Joan Lopez, our Province Leader addressed the assembly:




“A warm welcome and thanks to each one of you present here today. It is with deep gratitude in our hearts and with much happiness that we as Good Shepherd Sisters and Lay Partners gather here for the blessing and ground breaking ceremony of this piece of land.

You are all present here today representing different ministries and services under the Good Shepherd Mission and among us are sisters, some from out of Singapore, staff, volunteers and Board and Management members from Marymount Centre, Marymount Convent School, Restful Waters and the Building Committee. We also have among us a number of persons who will play a significant role in making this new building and construction a reality. They are our consultants and architects for the construction on this site. It is good to have you all here.

We could not have come this far, without the significant contributions made by different persons; the Sisters, staff and volunteers who contributed through your encouragement, advice and assistance.

We are deeply grateful to Marymount Land and Building Advisory Committee comprising also of Mr Gerard Ee and Mrs Jennifer Yeo who assisted us in the initial stages when the land was acquired. The Building Committee of Ms Jane Ng, Mr Bryan Ghana, Ms Tan Poh Cheng, Ms Cecilia Ee, Bro Dominic Yeo Koh, Srs Cecilia Liew and Del Kang who have painstakingly assisted in dealing with the land matters, building and construction planning. It had been a very challenging one year and I thank you all for your perseverance: for standing firm in your commitment to the task in the face of the many challenges. These words of St Mary Euphrasia come to mind as I remember you and your contributions, “Our hearts overflow with joy and thankfulness. How good God is to us”.

Indeed today is a wonderful day. By asking God to bless our project, we have opened ourselves to be also blessed with infinite possibilities for what God can do in our lives and in the lives of everyone who pass through the doors of Good Shepherd Place, once it is built. Let us turn now in prayer to ask God’s blessing on this ground; that it will be our new home and that it may be a warm and welcome haven for all who pass through or enter its gates. “

Unveiling of the Building Design.
Ms. Cecilia Ee, Chairperson of the Marymount Centre Board was then invited to unveil the Building Design together with Sr. Joan Lopez. With St. Mary Euphrasia’s profile in the background it was a special moment, truly blessed by her whose greatest joy always spurred her sisters to start new works so that God may be glorified.
O God you made the ground on which we stand holy by your presence. We desire to build on you, our solid foundation and pray that your Word will guide and lead us. As we break into this ground remind us of your promises to be with us always. Speak to us in many ways, open our hearts to listen, our eyes to see that we may recognise you in the people who come to us and with those we live and work with for they are signs of your presence. Increase in us the spirit of faith and love, and make us worthy of our heritage. Knit us together in the communion of saints, and make our lives a witness to your love and mercy. We pray through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Joyously we sang:

St. Mary Euphrasia you have set the torch of love aglow.

And o’er the world your daughters sent

That all God’s love might know.

A witness unto Christ you lived the

Master’s seed to sow

O light within our hearts the zeal that

Burned within your own.

The will of God forever was the

star to guide your way

And Holy Church your rock of

strength, your refuge and your stay.

Grant all your children faith like yours

So deep, enduring, strong.

That all in unity may dwell

In heaven a glorious throng.

Ground breaking

Sr. Joan, Ms. Cecilia Ee and Bryan Ghana proceeded to the field, carrying the brand new shovels.

“For great is his steadfast love toward us.

The faithfulness of the Lord endures forever.”

Sr. Joan, Ms Cecilia Ee and Bryan Ghana confidently dug into the earth and turned three shovels of earth. Everyone was smiling and happy.

As it had rained all day the ground was soft and easy to turn over. This was the highlight of the event. In the coolness of the evening all were invited to a delicious buffet.

With grateful hearts we sang our thanks:

“The heavens are telling the glory of God and all creation is shouting for joy

Come dance in the forest, come play in the fields

And sing, sing to the glory of the Lord.”

The sun will soon set in Marymount and rise to a glorious dawn in Toa Payoh.


June 10, 2012 @ 8:00 am
June 11, 2012 @ 5:00 pm