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Feast of Saint Mary Euphrasia

April 24, 2021 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

On 24 April 2021, we at Good shepherd Centre, commemorated Saint Mary Euphrasia’s feast day.  We celebrated the life of this woman who helped change lives of millions of women and children worldwide. This celebration was facilitated by Ms. Alona with the children and Ms. Brenda with the adults.

The theme of this in-house program was ” Just Love.” A two-word phrase but with such a powerful meaning.  The residential program participants were reminded that loving is not only an act of affection or kindness shown to other people but it also teaches a person to be patient, understanding, and loving towards oneself.

The staff prepared separate activities for the adults and children but the activities were done concurrently. A PowerPoint presentation on the life of St Mary Euphrasia was presented to the adults, while the children had the cartoon version.  After each presentation, both groups were asked to reflect on what they have seen and to use drawing to express their thoughts and feelings.

The children decorated on two big drawn hearts on a mahjong paper with these questions: “How do you love yourself?, How do you love others?”  The children were deep in thoughts and after that were able to write, “I will play with others.  I will think positive.  I will look on the bright side. I will stay healthy by eating healthy food.” One girl acted out her “Just Love” by being very patient with an overly active boy who drew and scribbled on her drawing.  She just quietly asked for another paper to do another drawing.

Over at the mothers’ side, the residents drew their own hearts on an individually given paper with the same questions in mind and an additional thought on “How would you show love to your children.”

The mothers’ responses for self care : “Take time to smell the roses. Sleep and rest well. Listen to music” And for their children :   “Spend time with my boys.”  “I will work hard because of my children.” “I’ll cook for my children their favourite food”.

The children also prepared a dance item to showcase to their mothers. The mothers sat attentively watching their children’s performances and gave loud cheers to support their children.

The celebration was simple and was indeed a wonderful time spent with one another. The mothers had the opportunity to witness their children’s creativity and innate talents. With encouragement from loved ones and constant reminder to oneself that each individual is unique, amazing, and loved, there is no doubt that the women and children, will grow to become their very best in the future.

“Just Love” sounds simple, but to practice might not always be easy.  We are happy to provide these women and children time to just love themselves and their loved ones.

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Ms Brenda

Good Shepherd Centre





April 24, 2021
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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