Community Service Centre at Buntong

Nestled within the vibrant community of Buntong, Perak, Good Shepherd Services (GSS)
stands as a beacon of compassion and support, dedicated to nurturing the emotional well-being,
livelihood and happiness of its community, particularly the children and women. We serve
various activities, projects and services that benefit communities as a whole. One of the
initiatives that the team has started is “YOUR Space”.
Our community service center has unveiled an exciting new venture called “YOUR Space,”
designed to create a safe space for our children. Within this innovative initiative lie various
engaging activities: from Game Day to Movie Day, Counseling to Library. The inaugural
activities started with primary school students diving into the excitement of indoor classics like
Snake and Ladder, Jenga, and Master Mind during Game Day. Meanwhile, Movie Day
captivated secondary school attendees with the compelling narrative of “Adiwiraku” shining a
spotlight on the profound importance of education. The implementation of counseling services
and library access is currently in the development stages and is scheduled to get started in May.
Beyond our focus on children, we dedicate ourselves to supporting women through advocacy
campaigns tackling sexual and gender-based violence, as well as promoting gender equality. In
conjunction with International Women’s Day, we hosted a Zumba event where women
enthusiastically joined in dance sessions. During the event, Klinik Kesihatan Buntong provided
health screening booths, offering women free health screenings. More programmes are being
planned for the livelihood of women in the community.
Together, activities and programmes done and planned for the future exemplify the commitment
of Good Shepherd Services, Ipoh, to promoting emotional well-being, livelihood and happiness
within the community. By providing opportunities for play, relaxation, and social interaction,
these activities enrich the lives of participants, fostering a sense of belonging, resilience, and

Written By: Mavithra A/P Thimayah
Position : Programme Officer cum Counsellor
Date : 30th April 2024