Good Shepherd Centre Observes Earth Hour 2017​

08 MAR 2017​

04 MAR 2017​

Singapore-Malaysia Province
22-24 Feb 2017
Good Shepherd Place Singapore​


Staff of Good Shepherd Services (GSS) conducted the Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Program (CSA) for the community in Sabah.


Our volunteer Jasmine helped for Earth Hour Kota Kinabalu 2016 and gained knowledge about light pollution and reflected on how to spread awareness about environmental issues

Speaker: Sr Inigo Joachim, SSA
Organized by: Good Shepherd Convent Restful Waters​


One Billion Rising (OBR) Campaign 2016 went to secondary schools and hostels in Malaysia to spread the message about sexual harassment and violence in a relationship. It provided an eye opener to teachers and students regarding the issue of emotional and mental violence.

ORANGE THE WORLD Say No to Violence against Women and Children


Good Shepherd Malaysia, represented by Theresa Symons, itsExecutive Director, together with seven other civil society members, were invited to a roundtable discussion with Mr. Barack Obama, the President of United States, in conjunction with his official visit to Malaysia for the Asean Summit in Kuala Lumpur.

GSS (Good Shepherd Services) successfully piloted a community-based project to downstream pineapple production for the women of Kg Kiau Nuluh, a village which was badly affected by the June 5th Sabah earthquake and its after quake tremors.

This year’s Voice Out annual arts festival, held at the Oceanus Waterfront Mall in Kota Kinabalu, talked about the active involvement of youths today with the social media.

Some 80 mission partners from the various Good Shepherd ministries in Singapore and Malaysia came together for the 9thGood Shepherd Partnership Gathering in historical Malacca.​

On 20 September 2015, we had our Graduation Ceremony for 135 students who successfully completed their respective courses with DAWN, a ministry which offers courses for foreign domestic workers to assist them in enhancing their advancement and development towards a better future while working in Singapore.

Rose Virginie Good Shepherd Centre celebrated World Refuge Day with its residents on 20 June 2015​


The First Anniversary of Good Shepherd Oasis : A Dual Celebration of Joy & Gratitude

A joyful day to celebrate the First Anniversary of the Good Shepherd Oasis and the Reunificationof Our Lady of Charity and the Good Shepherd Sisters.

Good Shepherd Malaysia is active in responding to the urgent humanitarian crisis of refugees now off their coast. Mostly from the oppressed and non-state-recognized Rohingya minority of Myanmar, they are seeking asylum in Malaysia via Thailand. The governments of the region have been rejecting them resulting in a deplorable plight.

The opening Good Shepherd Sisters, mission partners, and benefactors in Singapore as we celebrated the official opening of Good Shepherd Place by Singapore’s Prime Minister, Mr Lee Hsien Loong.

A peep into the life of Sr. Lucy Chia, RGS

May your heart be an altar, from which the flame of unending thanksgiving ascends to heaven.

St. Mary Euphrasia
Voice Out 2015: Connect To Change

Voice Out 2015: Connect To Change

Pusat Belia Youth-PREP Alamesra – Sabah

“Connect To Change” was the theme for this year’s annual arts festival. It talks about the active involvement of youths today with the social media. A public forum moderated by our local social media personality, Jasmine Rajah talked about the realities of connectivity to social media and how youths can apply it in making positive changes.

Speaking as a parent and senior in active civil society movements, Puan Norhanida Annol urged everyone to be aware that being connected also means being exposed, so it is crucial to be prudent, careful and critical while being connected. Adam Tambakau, a web developer said “People need to experience social media by understanding how it works including the pros, cons and particularly the harm it might bring to us. Do speak out to someone when the situation gets dangerous to you. Overcoming the negativity that you receive somehow will give you courage; just remember to trust your own ability and the good intention in whatever you are doing”.

Bavhithira Chelvakumar, a psychology and counselling Masters student from Unversiti Malaysia Sabah, felt that youths nowadays are more confident in expressing themselves especially since the existence of social media which is helpful for people who are introverts. She further commented that it is also a boost to a person’s self-esteem when they use this platform to inspire others. The event was held at the Oceanus Waterfront Mall, Kota Kinabalu on Saturday, 24th October.

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